About Chris

June 2019 ・ 2 mins

My name is Chris Barrell and my story is one of obsession, depth and curiosity.

I started in deep with organisational psychology, consulting to tech in customer success then people science and then to product management.

My favourite so far is product management. It leverages my two key strengths; my tech knowledge, so I know what people are talking about and my customer empathy, so I can easily embody the customer and their point of view. I work at Culture Amp as a product manager in Melbourne.

Product management definitely keeps me challenged in ways I haven’t been before, while also making work a thing of progress. The sense of progress you gain working in product far outweighs the empathy you gain working directly with customers. In product, we’re too busy figuring out how to build the pyramid of the future.


I have two focuses at the moment;

  • Cementing Culture Amp as the undisputed leader of culture benchmarks in our industry via. becoming a better product manager.
  • Shipping and selling ourmemories.io to work out if it’s something that is viable or whether I should kill it off.
  • Working out loud is something I’m trying to get better at.

In the future

  • My future in product management; what does it look like? what do I do & not do as a PM? 1


More recently, achievements include;

  • Built the Props Bot at Culture Amp, a peer to peer recognition Slack bot with over 4,000 props given
  • Given multiple presentations and workshops on people analytics and employee engagement across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore

  1. FYI, when I joined product it was in a joint People Scientist / Product Manager role. My first year (aside from making benchmarking awesome) was figuring out the balance of the two roles. For the benefit of me personally and what was required for the team.

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